Texturessss textures textures.

Alright, credit time. Because I am nothing if not cheap, I used only tree textures I found online. And for each one I used the “paste into” function and set each one to “multiply” or “lighten.” So here are my sources:

The texture on the stone pillars can be found here or here on this list.
The texture for the ground can be found here and is by DeviantArt user JRMB-Stock.
The texture on Blisterfish can be found here or on this list.
The texture on the hand… thing can be found here or on this list.
The texture on the little tentacle-plant-things can be found here and is by DeviantArt user ConfuzzledMia.

And finally, the sky is made by me. Using a particular process, which I will tell you:

I found a couple really nice pictures I liked of the Pillars of Creation, because space is pretty. Then, on the 1st photo, I went to filter>blur>radial blur. I then adjusted the colors until they had all the right bright reds and blues and greens I wanted.
I took the second photo into Illustrator and live traced it. In black and white, with NO special settings. Just default Live Trace. The result was that only the brightest stars in the photo were white, and the rest of the photo was black. Then I went to live trace>expand, and made the black part blue and the white parts pink, then set the transparency of the layer to screen.
Then I went back to photo 1, brought it into Illustrator, and live traced that, but this time in full color. The result was this awesome trippy-as-hell sky! I’m tempted to use it on a shirt or something.

Anyway. That was Emily’s Texture Breakdown Bonanza.

How is everyone’s New Year? I started mine off pretty well. Hopefully 2015 will be a good year for comics.

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