Ooooohhhh she’s in for it nooooowwwww…..

Actually updating on time today! Whoo!

I want to make it clear exactly why I’m so hesitant to update only once a week. While it’s easier for me, since I have other projects I’m anxious to return to—as well as looking for a job and actually having a social life these days—this is an action/adventure comic. And from my casual observation, weekly updates are best left to single-gag strips and the like. Comics like SMBC (which is so good and you need to read it if you haven’t), which actually updates (I think?) daily, but would work fine as a weekly strip. When there’s a coherent story to follow, it’s way easier to keep track of the story and action if it updates a couple times a week, at least.

I really want to get back to daily updates. But for that to happen, I have to have a significant number of pages already finished, and I am so not there right now. So until that happens, I’ll be scrambling for the twice-weekly schedule I’ve set myself. I think, with some discipline, I can get to thrice-weekly (Mon/Wed/Fri) pretty soon.

Life goals.

As a side note, look at that last panel. That last panel is so damn funny to me.

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